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Alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction

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Forget about crack, cocaine, speed, and heroin. Alcohol is the most widely abused drug in the world and alcoholism is the number one drug problem. Alcoholism is the third largest killer in the world and would probably be number one if blood alcohol levels were determined for all victims of suicide, homicide, and car wrecks.
Although alcoholism varies from person to person, the disease begins with social drinking. The alcoholic develops a tolerance and requires more drinks to stay high. Personality changes also occur. The shy, dependent person may become abusively aggressive when drunk. The pleasant, easygoing friend may become despondent and depressed with alcohol. Relationships with the alcoholic deteriorate. Denial is a theme throughout the progression of the disease. Then deception begins – sneaking drinks, hiding stashes of liquor, becoming angry if drinking time is cut short.
Alcoholics gradually lose control over their drinking. Once addicted, no amount of reason or logic can stop it. Alcoholic self-destructive behavior is a mystery to family and friends. Alcoholism affects all walks of life, all social strata. Because this disease is progressive, often taking years to develop, most alcoholics are able to maintain their jobs, though their family life may have disintegrated much earlier.

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