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Cucumber creates wonders!

Cucumber creates wonders!

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Most of us follow a very unhealthy diet plan these days. We love eating hot pizzas and fast foods a lot. This kind of unhealthy food habit leaves us diseased and obese. Unknown diseases are the gifts for the unhealthy food that we eat. So it’s high time that we realize to concentrate on the food we eat. Obesity can be best handled by the intake of food items rich in water content. Cucumber stands first among the foods rich in water content. It offers lot of medicinal uses to us. Since this is very low in calorie, it can be taken in large amounts also.
This is the best pal of diabetic patients. It is very easily digestible and improves the digestion process within us. Health problems related to intestine and indigestion can be cured with the power of cucumber.96% of cucumber is only water and the remaining 4% is occupied by proteins, fat, iron, vitamins and carbohydrates. When this cucumber is eaten raw everyday, it works miracles for the human beings. Immunity and Resistance against diseases grow with the intake of this wonderful cucumber. This vegetable is 3000 years old and can effectively improve our health. Have loads of cucumber and shed those extra kilos!

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