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Diet tips for Diabetics

Diet tips for Diabetics

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Diabetes used to eat high-protein meals based on meat and laden with saturated fat. Bread, potatoes, and other starches were doled out in microscopic portions. Vegetables weren’t bad, but they weren’t considered helpful in lowering blood sugar levels. Based on research from the last ten years or so, those guidelines have been revised. Now the ADA recommends a high-fiber, high-complex-carbohydrate, low-fat diet. Why? For one thing, it’s been found that the fibers in whole grains and some fruits and vegetables prolong sugar absorption, stabilizing blood sugar levels. Also, by shifting away from fats, especially saturated fats, the ADA is acknowledging that cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death among diabetics.
And now it’s also clear that complex carbohydrates (found mostly in whole grain products, beans, and vegetables) can be big pulses in any weight-loss plan. Since they are generally not calorie dense (few calories per unit of weight), you can earn a lot, satisfying your appetite without adding on extra pounds. The fewer changes you have to make in your diet, the easier it will be to follow. Forgo bean sprouts and seaweed in favor of broccoli and romaine if that’s your preference.

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