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Health is the state of a person’s body, mind, and feelings. Good Health means more than just not being sick. A healthy person has a body in good physical shape and a good feeling about life. A healthy person also gets along with others.
People who are physically healthy have strength and energy. They can enjoy many activities. A person can do many things to keep physically healthy.
This include eating a variety of foods, such as fruits,Vegetables,meat ,fish,eggs,and beans.Breads,cereals,and milk,cheese,and other dairy products are also part of a healthy diet. A diet with a variety of good foods is called a balanced diet. A healthy diet also means not eating too much, or little.
Exercise keeps our bodies fit and strong.Gettimg enough rest and sleep helps us get our energy back after a busy day. Keeping the body free from dirt helps keep away germs that causes disease. We keep our bodies clean by taking baths, or showers, and brushing our teeth.It’s important to get doctor and dentist’s checkups, too.
Taking care of our feelings, or emotions, is an important part of being halthy.Emotionally healthy people is happy with themselves. They don’t worry too much. And they don’t get too angry or too sad when the things go wrong.
A good sleep also plays a crucial role in the health. When a person falls asleep, the body’s actions slow down. The muscles relax and the heartbeat slows down. The person’s breathing slows, too.
Sometimes during asleep, the brain works very fast and the sleeper’s eyelids move very quckly, as if they were watching a dream. Adults should sleep at least 7 to 8 hours every night and children need more sleep for a good health

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