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Low cholestrol problem

Low cholestrol problem

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If you are a middle aged man, and if your total cholesterol is below 160, you might want to ask your doctor to check whether you are one of the rare individuals for whom this could pose a problem.
And if you are that rare man at risk, you may in fact need to consume a little more saturated fat and cholesterol than current recommended levels. There simply isn’t any evidence about what effect low cholesterol and high blood pressure might have on women or younger people. It’s likely, however, that their risk is much lower. There’s one other subgroup of population among whom low cholesterol should be a concern. In elderly men, ultralow cholesterol may be a marker for reduced immune function. It’s likely that both their cholesterol and their immune function are so low because they don’t have much of an appetite and aren’t eating a proper diet.
These people should be examined thoroughly by a physician and, depending on the findings, should possibly be put on a higher-fat diet. If you are a healthy adult, with no personal or family history of hypertension or cardiovascular disease and good health habits, then your cholesterol should ideally be no higher than 200. At 200, you have half the normal risk for heart disease.

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