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Rebel of the nature

Rebel of the nature

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Has anybody understood nature? Have anyone tried to? Well, many of us have tried it. But the real fact is that those many of us are unable to digest the truth that when you try challenge the nature, it obviously wins over you. That’s true to the core. Man has never been an enemy to vegetarianism.
A person who is a non vegetarian never says that vegetarian food is not healthy. But does the vice versa proves true. NO. Why is that so? A PETA activist who understands the torture rendered to a chicken that is being killed to be served at KFC is reluctant to accept the fact that many of their so called healthy vegetarian food stuff bought at similar US based restaurant chains are bio engineered and are not healthy.
Well not exactly the French fries and nuggets and mushroom pies, but the ingredients are. They are not ready to accept that bio engineered vegetables, though they are tasty and healthy are victims of modern age holocaust. Bio engineering a man is unacceptable, but a food which is processed and grown similarly is accepted as a foodstuff by all vegetarian lovers.
They never understand that we are testing nature’s ability to stay healthy. We are crucifying nature by introducing bio engineering into it. Nature has its own way to kick our ass. Blend of its anger has already shown its mighty light through the ozone. We are yet to see the rest. A strict vegetarian who dislikes killing animals is ready to keep the vegetables in a refrigerator. Does a frozen food keep him healthy? He would die at an early age than his counterpart (non vegetarian). If bio engineering vegetables and crumpling its growth inside a incubator room is acceptable then KFC still serves good and healthy chicken.

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