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Respiration (REHS puh RAY shuhn) is the way human beings and other living things get and use the oxygen they need to live. Oxygen is a gas in the air around us. Respiration also involves getting rid of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a gas that is made when living things use oxygen.
The body needs energy to be able to work. The body uses oxygen to make energy. It also makes carbon dioxide and water. The carbon dioxide and water are waste materials.
Animals take in oxygen from their surroundings and carry it to their cells. Then carbon dioxide is carried away from the cells. It goes out into the air or water. Humans and many other animals take in oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide by breathing. The lungs are the body parts used for breathing. Lungs are found in the chest. Many animals that live in water, such as fish, have gills instead of lungs. A gill has a thin wall that lets in oxygen from the water that passes through the gill.
In many plants, oxygen and carbon dioxide move into and out of the roots and stems through the outer layers of cells. Most of the gas exchange, in plants, however, takes place through small openings in the leaves called stomata (STOH muhtuh).

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