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Stay Healthy Amidst Diabetics…

Stay Healthy Amidst Diabetics…

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People suffering from diabetics should have a strong vigil on their food intake. If they follow a well planned and controlled diet, the ill effects of the diabetics can be greatly reduced. The amounts of Carbohydrates, Fat and Sugar taken everyday in the food should be strictly watched. Bitter Guard has to be included in the diet. Potatoes and Breads have to be kept from the diabetic patients. They should stay away from all kinds of aerated drinks. Fresh juices can be taken with out adding sugar to it.
If needed, artificial sweeteners can be used. They can have fresh vegetable salads that would provide them with all the essential nutrients needed and the calorie intake with these vegetable salads is also less. Most importantly, these vegetable salads have to be consumed within two to three hours after its preparation. They can drink fresh hot vegetable soups also. Soups made of tomato, mushroom, soya and chicken can be taken on a regular basis. Vegetables like Carrot and Beetroot should be avoided in their diet as these vegetables contain high levels of sugar in them. High Fat and carbohydrate content in the food has to be replaced with protein levels. Just watch your diet with a little extra care to fight diabetics!

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