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Stay slim! Live long!

Stay slim! Live long!

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In the modern days, people tend to follow unhealthy food habits. Children’s have already become addicted to junk foods. Oily food stuffs and deep fry items have become the favorites of all. Healthy fresh fruits and vegetables do not find place in most of our diet. The result of all these bad fried habits is obesity. Obese children’s are many in number these days. They go behind aerated drinks and junk food and ultimately spoil their health.
It is high time that all of us realize the necessity of staying fit. We should plenty of water. We should include lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet. Physical activity is must for all of us. Walk a mile everybody which is very good for your health to lead a long healthy life. Avoid taking lifts, instead use the staircase. Regular jogging or walking might help a lot. Practicing Yoga will also help in maintaining the fitness of health. Let us all eat healthy food and do regular exercise to stay fit.

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