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Watch Your Face….

Watch Your Face….

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With the busy schedule of our work life, we tend to forget to look at ourselves in the mirror for a while. How we look matters a lot and it is related to every aspect of our life. Good Appearance is extremely important to boost self confidence in us. But in the hurried life style, we don’t have time to stand and stare at ourselves also in front of our mirror. We should halt a while and should definitely take care of our skin and face.
We should drink plenty of water everyday. Wash face at regular intervals of time everyday. After returning from a long journey under the polluted surroundings, don’t forget to do a cleansing of the face. Firstly clean the face using a cleansing agent. Then use a scrub to remove the dirt. Then apply toner and moisturizer to maintain the life of skin. This basic care for your face is very essential for each one of us. Home facial packs can also be applied periodically to save the life of the face. Use natural ways to safeguard the face. Try to avoid the use of harsh chemicals on the face. Do not roam a lot under the hot sun and if required, apply sun screen lotion before you step out under the sun. Watch your face and if not you, who else will!

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